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Thread: Lilliput board smoke

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    Lilliput board smoke

    Hey all,

    Yesterday I started to see this puff of grey smoke coming from my screen, so I took it out could see saw that the plastic connector which connects the AC adapter was melted and a capacitor was smoking.

    Today I tried turning the screen on with no luck, is my screen fu**ed?

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    If you are lucky, maybe just the power connector shorted out. Can you solder on new power lines to the circuit board traces and replace the capacitor? Im guessing those could just be the power filter capacitors.

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    There is a fuse (Little white rectangular thing near the pwr connector) on the controller board which may have gone.

    However, it's probably likely whatever went up in smoke shorted out and triggered the fuse to blow.

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    That capacitor looks really bulged on the bottom. I would replace the capacitor and the power connector. Both may be available at Radio Shack if you have one near by. Check for a fuse as others have mentioned too but if that capacitor is shot you probably won't power up.

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    mine did it to it was an old ccfl 629, i ordered 100 16uf caps for 10 bux and it saved my but!

    jsut change out the cap and you will be fine

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