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Thread: capacitive touchscreen with controller

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    Quote Originally Posted by customaudioman View Post
    since im building unit for police cars now, i waiting for xenarc to come out with the bright 1000 nit 10.2" 1026tsa touch monitor. same one they currently carry, but with the brighter screen, so the officer can see the monitor during the day.
    Please make an option in their cars, so if they pull some one over with car PC, the police car PC decides to turn off the monitor and tiket printer is not working )))
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    Quote Originally Posted by dune View Post
    I talked to Ocular about a year ago because they're here in the area. Only interested in large quantity orders. They don't actually have anything to sell until you order it (in thousands of units). I'll follow-up and see if anything has changed.
    I would be interested in one of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpndaveJK View Post
    I would be interested in one of these.
    likewise, i would be really interested in 1-2 as well!! keep us updated!! thanks!

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    I just got a quote back from Mouser on a larger (15" 16:10) touch screen, but it's twice the list price and availability column shows "TBD" ...I was thinking about turning an old lappy into a tablet...
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    Do you know where I can find a 5.8" 16:9 touch screen panel with USB controller?

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