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Thread: Can someone plz help with Lilliput 619 & 629

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    Can someone plz help with Lilliput 619 & 629

    I am having problems with my TS. No matter where I touch the screen the pointer move back and forward at the bottom of the screen. Here are 3 videos of it.

    Can someone help me out on this? I got another TS just the touch and it does the something.
    It Lilliput 619 & 629 the old version




    Thx soloxp

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    Try it without the shell and see wath appens.

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    When you say (try it without the shell) I'm not sure what you are talking about. I can use a mouse with no problem. It's just the touch that's not working.

    I try uninstall the touch software reinstalling....try different drive. It work find before I reinstall Xp.

    On that last video when I push the volume down one time it didn't was like I was holding it down.

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