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The R, G, L looks like a two position jumper.

This is pure speculation but it could be either R(right?) or L(left?) connected to ground for horizontal flip?

The document above shows audio so it could also be that (in or out, I don't know).

Further checking shows that Y and C could also be for S-Video.

As for pinouts, my best guess would be that you could connect R, G, B, HS, & VS to their standard location on a VGA connector using the GN under R as a common ground.

My question, at this point, is how do you perform input selection?

Also, could you check the circuit board for a different model #. The one you gave is only bringing up entries for the entire monitor.
yes this controller does have audio, so it is probably R-right L-left G-ground.

the board also have another control board connected to it with 5 SWs; menu, up, down, source, display. that should take care of the input selection.

with the given info i think theres should be no problem wiring this monitor to a VGA and/or composite.

there is no other model number on the board, just a serial number. and yes when i did the search on it i also was able to find the monitor as a whole, however there are a few configurations of embedded devices with this controller board, it just seems as the manufacturers who use this controller board just use the board's model number for their device's model number.

however thank you for your help, you put alot of common sense into the situation (;