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Thread: LCD Remote Codes

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    LCD Remote Codes

    Hi All,

    Long time since my last post, everything seems to be going fine with my CarPC and i've been busy with work but anyway..

    The one thing that has gone wrong is the remote for my lilliput touchscreen. It was left in direct sunlight last december and never worked since then. Now as it gets closer to summer i'll be in the car more often, and more-so during the day, so i want to turn the brightness up on the screen. Normally you'd do this through the hard buttons on screen but i have removed them to put the screen into a custom housing. I have an IR sensor which is soldered onto the board but no remote to tell it what to do.

    I would happily order a spare remote from the mp3car store but can't justify the shipping cost ($3.99 item, $47.90 shipping?! so I was wondering if anyone has access to either a philips pronto universal remote (I have access to these so would be the most handy format) or some other way of reading the IR stream so i can re-format it and get the thing to work!

    If anyone has any other suggestions let me know!


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    A while back I captured all my lilli's remote codes when I was learning how to use my IR widget.. I'll have to dig around and see if i Can find the files. They're in JP1 format, but I'm pretty sure they can be converted to pronto fairly easily

    Ok, I found the RemoteMaster device upgrade I created. Just drop the ".txt" extension from the attachment. I don't know how to convert this to Pronto, but I'll try to dig around later today.
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    Hi Tim,

    Where are you trying to ship to?


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    Hi guys,

    I'm in Adelaide, Australia.

    I'll see if I can work out the ir txt you sent but i need a replacement remote anyway no point having a $2000 pronto in the car just to change brightness!!

    I'll PM you my email Stephen which comes straight to my phone for quicker response.




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