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Thread: Dell now offering 21.5" Multitouch LCDs

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    Dell now offering 21.5" Multitouch LCDs

    So, just got my usual Dell merchandising email, and noticed that they are now offering 21.5" multitouch LCD screens with webcams built in for AUD$449....

    A) Why the heck to we have to pay AUD$400 for a 7 inch touchscreen, when they have monitors about 50 billion times bigger (And better resolution, and multitouch!!) for an extra fifty bucks?

    B) Anyone considered trying to fit one of these in portrait mode in their dash? Would it be worth it? I don't have the space in my Mazda Tribute to fit it, at least not without some serious dash work, which would leave me divorced, but anyone got a hankering for some massive resolution boost in their carpc?

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    A) has been discusessed many times. It boils down to dell is making a crapton more of the 21.5" monitors, and Lilliput is making a pithy few 7" monitors comparativly, and price is what the market will bear, and the market bears $400 7" monitors.

    B) That'd be nuts, I don't have a truck so that kind of rules me out. I think it would be useful perhaps in a big-rig or a F250+
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    the only way one would end up in my truck is by sponsorship
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    I'm pretty set on the idea of filling as much of my (soon to be anyway) f-250's dash with LCD as possible. I might even let the contour of the dash round off the upper right corner a bit if that means I can squeeze a little more monitor in there. I will hopefully be picking the truck up sunday then I'll start looking for a 2nd dash to cut up. When I get some measurements of what kind of clearance I have, I'll probably be back here looking for suggestions on LCD's. There really is a lot of room if I'm ok with losing both a/c vents or perhaps reorienting them vertically.

    Here's a pic of the dash with which I'll be working:

    I might also be able to squeeze two smaller 4:3 LCD's side by side for what might be the first dual-headed 7.3L truckputer.

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