I'm not a complete electronics noob, but this screen I bought is very frustrating. It's an RCA 8in TFT LCD screen model #RC80HV.

The manual provides absolutely no info on how to install it.

The monitor has a din connector coming out the back, it comes with three cables:

1. female din to a female S-video cable
2. male s-video to audio/video rca jacks, and what looks like a female
3. very thin gauge (my guess is 20 AWG) red wire with a fuse, and a white wire that I think is a ground connection...both go to 2 male DC jacks (i'm assuming for a second monitor)

I thought the installation looked obvious, so I tried it myself...I hooked up the DIN connector to the female S-Video, hooked the male S-video to that, connected one the male DC jacks to the female one, connected the power to 12V+ switched from my head unit, and connected the white power to a good ground.

when i turned the car on, the screen turned bright white and makes a terrible cracking/flickering noise, accompanied with weird noise from my speakers. for an instant when the screen turns on, I can see a message dialogue, probably from the screen's menu function, but it quickly turns white and the awful noise won't stop. I'm afraid to keep it on to see what happens because it sounds like somethings gonna burn out.

please help, i've tried everything to find some model-specific guides, but rca provides zero support for this model. i don't know how old it is, but I bought it off ebay described as new from a dependable seller.

thanks for your help and patience with my inexperience!