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Thread: How to integrate car pc with OEM idrive 6.5" e60 screen

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    How to integrate car pc with OEM idrive 6.5" e60 screen

    I've got a 2007 BMW 520d (pre-lci), with a basic idrive system, ie, the 6.5" screen, no tv, no nav etc. I've built a car pc, sufficient for glovebox mounting, and i need to know the best way of integrating the vga output of my board to the OEM screen.

    Can anyone help with this problem?

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    The OEM screen will have just a standard video in, not VGA, so you really need a PC with a video out.

    Also the quality of text using video will be poor.

    Have a search on the forum there are a few who have trodden this path before.

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