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Thread: linitx TMR screen dimmer

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    linitx TMR screen dimmer

    Any one knows how the LINITX 7'' TMR screen senses the light change and increase the brughtness? it looks like a LED, it is white and has 3 legs? is that a transistor and where do i get a spare one?

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    It's a resistor sensitive to light. (Φωτοαντίσταση)
    But they have 2 legs, not 3. Are you sure it has 3 legs???

    If you know exactly the resistance range, you can use any photoresistor you find.
    Like this

    Some have infinite resistance when they get 100% light, some others the opposite...

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    no you are is a light resistance..and yes i checked it does have 2 legs..

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