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Thread: Talking about LCD Delay, which is the best?

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    Talking about LCD Delay, which is the best?


    I got really interested in installing a PC in my FJ Cruiser..
    I got most of the setup done..

    Got my AcerRevo and formatted it to XP..
    Bought a 600W inverter and installed under the passenger seat.

    Now talking about which screen to get, I've been looking around and found a good one..

    What do you think about this screen? will it do the job?..
    Cause what confuses me is the screen delay "6/19" will that be a problem? playing videos or such.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    i haven't read about screen delay for a while, but last i did, there was no set standard, so they could be measuring the delay a couple of different ways(if only i could remember the ways), so the delay should only be used as a guidleine, not as hard evidence that would make this screen better/worse than one with a larger/smaller delay.

    all lcd panels have a certain amount of delay, but i do not think that any panel from a reputable manufacturer these days has any delay that is noticable by the human eye.
    barring the cold weather operation of the panel...

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    I dont think delay should be any issue. Even when LCDs first came out, I couldnt notice it. The only noticeable delay is when you try to operate the LCD in the cold...then the delay could be several seconds.

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    The only delay I ever noticed on lcd's is those with over 50ms response times.

    And even 6ms response time Lcd's can have motion blur, I have seen it.

    So to answer your question, specs won't really tell you much. Anything 30ms and under "should" be perfectly fine though.


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