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Thread: Is it possible to modify the VGA and USB plug? They are so big :S

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    The cable works fine with my carpc and home monitor, so that would mean theres a monitor issue. This still doesnt explain how my old VGA cable works between the carpc and carpc monitor. Even if there is an issue with the monitor, there is still something thats different between this cable and my old cable.

    Yeah, I saw those resistors, but do you got a link to a guide who would explain this? I have no idea what kind of resistors I need, where and how to put them, and why I would need them.

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    Just try making your own cable? I did, works great! All i used was 2m of 5 core + Shield. Works awesome, nice sharp picture and small connectors. Hell, you dont even have to put a case around the connector, Just heatshrink.

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    Well, thats kind of what I did :P I soldered a cat5E cable to two VGA plugs.

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    Odd. One thought - did you ground the cable properly? Here's a diagram of how to connect the cable. Make sure that the ground is connected properly and that the unused pins are in fact unused.

    I found a comment on this site that says:

    "The scheme lacks the DDC wires, the video board won't be able to detect which monitor type is attached. But its a good idea nevertheless, I was about to do it but I needed the DDC signals, or else Windows don't let me use some resolutions, and some hacking through settings would be necessary."

    Also, those resistors look like they are Red, Purple, Brown, Gold, which is 270 ohms.

    Edit: Those resistors are for impedence matching of the wires. From the comments:

    "You can eliminate the ghosting by impedance matching, but at the penalty of some loss of contrast. As Ethernet twisted pair is 100 ohm impedance, and VGA is 75 ohms, add 24 ohm resistors in series of the center conductors of the red, the green and the blue video signals where you will feed these to the ethernet cable at the computer (source). And at the monitor, again add in series 3 more 24 ohm resistors, one for the red center conductor of the VGA cable that will feed the monitor, and likewise green and the blue. I said 24 ohm as this is the closest common standard value they make, and will be close enough here. As I said, you'll get 75% of the contrast on the monitor you had before, but you can turn up the contrast control to compensate."
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    Yeah, pin 6, 7 and 8 is well soldered with perfect contact. The pins that are not used are:

    4 - No Connection
    5 - Ground - No Connection
    9 - No Connection
    10 - Ground - No Connection
    11 - No Connect
    12 - DDC DAT - No Connection
    15 - DDC Clock - No Connection

    The questions is if it is possible that one monitor needs more of these pins than another, and if it is so, why?

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    Really need some more replys here! If someone could verify that there is no possible way a cable made like this could work on one computer and not the other I would open my screen and see to that every signal goes where it is supposed to go (I have gotten some problem with the colors on the screen lately, if I nearly touch the cable, it goes all blue)

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    the colour changing would be due to poor connection probably between the cable solder and pin, their are serveral different specifcations to vga maybe try looking that up

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