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Thread: 98 Concorde LCD problem

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    98 Concorde LCD problem

    Hi, guys
    sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section.

    my question is has anyone installed LCDs into this car before??
    i was looking at buying a 7inch LCD probably the liliiput but was wondering would anyone know wich one would be a good one to buy to put in the headrests? and if anyone can point me to some instructions on installing them into the headrests aswell would be really appreciated.

    Also another problem im facing is i have a CarPC hooked to the main screen in the dash now how can i replicate that screen to the other 2 behind the headrests wich i plan on installed do i get like a VGA splitter or something or is there anyway anyone could please tell me id really appreciate it

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    heres the 2 main threads that a search pulled up:

    other then that, jpinkerton did a install and logged everything in his worklog in a 97, and mounted the screen on the dash.

    it doesn't look like there is a easy way to setup a screen, but it is possible

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