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Thread: 2008 Infiniti G35x screen replacement (RGBS to Composite)

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    Question 2008 Infiniti G35x screen replacement (RGBS to Composite)

    So I've seen quite a few thread on here about interfacing a carputer with the factory screen, but very little about replacing the factory screen with a lilliput/xenarc, etc... Hopefully I'm not just failing with the search function here.

    From what I've been able to gather Nissan/Infiniti use an RGBS signal for their screens. Since the HVAC, Radio, and other systems require the screen to display information I would need to interface the factory display feed into the new screen.

    Will one of the RGBS to Composite converters that I've seen online make this work simply, or will it end up getting more complicated or be impossible? I've attached a screenshot from the FSM regarding the harness that connects to the display. Can I get away with simply connecting GND, R, G, B, and RGB Sync to one of those converters?

    I don't want to interface the PC with the factory screen because of its poor image quality and the hassle of trying to install a touchscreen overlay for PC control.

    Hopefully this all makes sense, and it's not been totally covered somewhere else.
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