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Thread: which cable for auto backup switch?

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    which cable for auto backup switch?

    I have the lilliput 629 with the backup camera auto switch feature. I lost the manual and I don't know how to connect the power trigger for the backup camera. I know that the video has to be on the red RCA but do I use the the green button or the power plug next to the red rca?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching but couldn't find my answer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure if they're the same, but my old Xenarc switched automatically when a signal was applied to the input. So the camera was just powered by the reverse lights.

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    I bought my Lilliput 629 in January 2009. The manual doesn't mention anything about auto-switching. How do I check if my monitor has it?

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