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Thread: Xenarc 1020TSV question

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    Xenarc 1020TSV question

    I think my old 700TSV is on it's way out I think so i've been looking at new monitors for a while and wanted to go larger, 10.2" seems to be about the largest I can fit so I wanted to go with the 1020TSV which I had looked at a while back, however I noticed it's been upgraded for 2010 with a 5-wire touchscreen which is a plus, however there's one thing that worries me but i'm wondering if it's a typo, on the spec it says "Upgraded High-Brightness LED Backlight *New*", but then in the technical spec it says "LCD Brightness: 300 cd/mē" which is quite a downgrade from last years model which was 400cd/mē but since it says the backlight was upgraded I would thing it should actually be better then not worse, so does anyone know if the 300cd/mē is actually a typo and it's really in fact upgraded from the old 400cd/mē, or is it really downgraded in brightness from the old model?

    I know 400cd/mē I can live with because that's what my 700TSV is (it's a much older model), but anything lower I can see as acceptable seeing as I do have some issues seeing the display during the day with my current monitor.
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    Not sure how useful is all this info. Xenarc reports the same brightness and contrast ratio for Touch and non-Touch monitors, so how can we trust these numbers are consistent?

    I know that when Dell first released the Convertible Tablet PC XT/XT2 with LEDs, it kept the outdoor screen version with CCFL lamps. Only later it also offered LEDs for the Outdoor screen version, so I think it's costly to achieve the same brightness with LEDs...

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