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Thread: Compaq Aero Screen

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    Compaq Aero Screen

    I have a Compaq Aero Lapto LCD Screen. I would like to use this lcd screen connected whit another computer.

    This screen will be in the front of my car near the radio and the lapto or the computer will be in the truck.

    I think that this screen can be connected whit a cable to the lapto in the monitor video out.

    What i need to do this?
    If it dosen't work? How i can find a little lcd screen.

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    laptop screens do not take a standard vga signal so you will either have to try to extend the laptop screen connections from the mb, or buy a special and expensive controller for the lcd screen. Since it is an older laptop also you will need to build a large shade hood around it to block light from shining one it since it will be much dimmer than a lcd designed for a car.


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