pretty silly title, but I'm wondering if anyone has faced my problem before. I mounted and fully connected a nice xenarc x7000 (2010) on my Alfa Mito and all is working (and not-working) exactly as expected apart from 2 issues:

1) I cannot find a way to change the embedded dvd player region. It may be stupid, but via pc I changed to region 2 but this does not apply when working without a pc. It looks stuck to region 1, and I purchased the item in Italy! Has this been resolved before?

2) The bad thing is when I have my unit on, and ignite the car, everythings blasts in the screen, sorta fades-in white and stays stuck or black or white. You have to power the unit down everytime before ignition, and then power on again. This is absolutely bad. In a specialized car audio store they told me to connect the positive straight to the battery with a cable, tried but the issue remains. I asked them what if I plug a capacitor between positive and negative, to lower the current peaks and leaks during ignition. They answered that it's impossible and the issue is not capacitor-related. And if I want to try I would need a large 1 farad capacitor (no way a smaller capacity) with a cost of more than 100.

Can anyone give me some suggestion on how to fix these things? thanks