Here is the deal:

I have a carPC and I need to output the video to my nav screen (BMW e90 with the new iDrive 1280x480 resolution screen). I have composite video entries for the iDrive, which accepts PAL and SECAM, and has some multiple scaling functions to stretch the image to the whole screen.

I bought a VGA to composite video converter (AV Toolbox AVT-3155A) which outputs PAL or SECAM.

I didn't have the chance to do long tests on the car's iDrive screen (only a short test and it works), I only tested on my home TV (which is a normal PAL/SECAM TV with composite entries).

My question is: what do you think is the best resolution I should set my car PC with, in order to look good on the nav screen ? Is something like SECAM (720x480) the best given the nav screen resolution ? Or maybe I should set it to 1280x480 ? (but would detail be lost in conversion from that res to PAL/SECAM and back to the native screen resolution ?)

Thanks !