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Thread: Reverse image from backup camera

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    Reverse image from backup camera

    I hope this is the right place to post this question...if not, if someone will kindly point me to the appropriate forum I will post there.

    I have installed a factory reverse camera on my truck. Problem is I installed it on the front (to aid in "nose in" parking) and the image is reversed. This image reversal would obviously be appropriate were the camera installed on the rear of the vehicle as designed but as I say I have installed it on the front. I really do not have the option of simply using a different camera as the one I am using is an OEM Ford camera mounted in the Ford emblem which is designed to go on the tailgate of the 09/10 F150 trucks. I have modified the unit slightly to allow it to be mounted on the front of my Super Duty in place of the Ford logo emblem on the grill. The install looks really nice (at least I think so) but as said the image is reversed (mirrored).

    Is there a device I can put in the video line from the camera to the headunit which will allow me to flip the image?

    Before anyone suggests it, I will go ahead and say that I am using the factory nav unit from a 2010 Super Duty and these headunits do not have the ability to flip the image.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Iv seen some car cameras with two connectors, try swapping them. My guess would be that these are X and Y signals.
    The camera lens flips the image upside down, the light sensors read this and put it down the cable to the screen. Its the screen that flips the display back, I dont know my way about the nav unit but there might be a hidden setting or something in the BIOS but not sure if the end user can access that

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