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Thread: safe levels of voltage to lilliput 701

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    safe levels of voltage to lilliput 701

    I have a Lilliput 701 7 inch and a opus 180 power supply. I am going to use Vlad's method of powering the screen, molex and cut off the supplied cigarette adapter. Before doing so I am measuring the voltage off of the line to the power supply and I am getting 12.5 volts. I do not know the amps and will be checking that. I feel that this is acceptable voltage and will not cause an issue. I just want to be sure before I fry my screen.

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    being that no one else wants to answer, i'll throw up my answer

    i think that it should be fine--i run a lilli 629 off car power(varies 9-14v) for about the last year, and it hasn't had any problems yet

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