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Thread: What touchscreen would fit?

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    Question What touchscreen would fit?

    Say I have a space to fit a touchscreen that is 6" x 3.5" (158.75mm x 98.425mm) - are there any options out there for such a size? I'm thinking the barebones LCD without any plastic housing or PCB.

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    check out this thread:
    smallest touch screen size?

    not very helpful though really. you could always consider an iphone/ipod touch install, all though that'd be a lot smaller than 6". Alpine does a non-pc compatable 6.5" screen.

    although it's not a touchscreen, i quickly found an english site:

    that's a 6" inch monitor, however it's av video, so you'd have to run an adaptor.

    really this kind of question is something you could answer with a few google searches, but it's to the point of hypocritical for me to even mention that due to my post count.

    good luck
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