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Thread: laptop LCD on ebay is it a complete setup? includes inverter..

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    laptop LCD on ebay is it a complete setup? includes inverter..

    i have read other threads on what it takes to make a laptop display work. this may not be for me but one fo you guys who is deeper into this may be able to work with this so i figured i would post it. price is right at $20 or so US. i think i have read you need the display+the inverter+ controller?? i will do some more reading later on.

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    IMO the following page should be in an FAQ or a sticky here. it is very helpful. i thought iw as semi on to something as to the amount of broken laptops being practically given away on ebay i guess i was wrong...oh well easy come easy go.

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    I have almost the exact same display (from a Versa 2430CD)
    the laptop is dead, and im just waiting untill i stumble across the right info as to how to make this display work with a vga input or rca or composite or whatever, if anyone knows the right controllet to wire to it and etc, Id really appreciate it

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