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Thread: Laptop LCD Idea ... extending the interface cable

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    Originally posted by Chris31
    I said hes got the right to be annoyed cause hes is ovbiously stupid and wanted some first class respose.
    Erm, don't mean to be pedantic, but no you didn't. You said he's right to be annoyed. That is a very different thing to he's got the right to be annoyed.

    The former says you agree with him, the latter says you appreciate the fact that he might be, and respect that.

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    Lol taking the ****.

    Someone obviously got very upset with the first few words. Maybe it had to do with the 3rd answer I made, I understand why sorry wont say no more.

    But hey read the rest of the post and youll understand what its all about. I obviously dont support him and no one does either.

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    lol what a waste of time...i like when i go to a post to get some info and all i get to read is a tissy fit. if you dont like what someone said, then just ignore them. end of story -Ryan

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