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Thread: BEST SCREEN for daylight - which one?

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    BEST SCREEN for daylight - which one?

    Is there a general consensus as to which transflective touchscreen has the best sunlight read-ability?

    The ones I see are:
    Inelmatic XF700, which has 600nit brightness (
    Lilliput 629/701/669 modified with brighter backlight (450 nits) and AR coatings (

    Does anyone know which one is better? Or if a different screen that takes the cake? It would seem that all else being equal, the brighter screen would be superior.

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    You should also look at

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    You should consider these ones too:

    And these (best viewing angles with AFFS+):

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    LED screen

    Has anyone tried this screen? It looks awesome and has a good price. Anybody wanna do a group purchase for the minimum three order?

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