My old Xenarc 700 has been acting up for a while. It would loose the signal (VGA) every not and again. The monitor is always powered (and in standby). It used to be that when I powered on the carputer, the monitor would detect the VGA signal, and display it.
Not any more.
I thought it may have been the connection to the back of the monitor, I thought it was the cable connection to the computer, I thought it was the computer itself... I thought of many things, but after some testing, I ruled everything out, and it's definitely the monitor.

For the last while it would only display the VGA signal when it was really hot in the car.
Now it won't display it at all. I can manually turn the monitor on (out of standby) with the power switch, but it goes into standby after a minute. I guess it doesn't detect a VGA signal, and goes into standby.

The funny thing is that the touchscreen part of the monitor still works, since I can randomly tap the screen (when it's out of standby) and I hear the beeps that the PC is making as I pressed buttons on the centrafuse front end.

Wondering if this problem has been encoutered before, and if there is a fix.