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Thread: This works (?)

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    This works (?)

    hi everyone. Im from argentina. Here car pcs are not so common. So its kind of difficult to find some motorized in dash screen. I found this one

    The name is Procars Pcin90 In. And the only data that the saler gives is:
    7" touchscreen tft lcd in dash monitor
    16:9 screen display
    tv system: pal / ntsc
    game speaker calendar input
    funcionamiento full con control remoto
    peso: 1.8 kg
    1 salida y 2 entradas de audio
    1 entrada de video
    1 salida de camara
    1 entrada auxiliar
    rca cables

    I wanted to know if this is useful for a car pc. If this can be plug and play in a computer as a monitor.

    Thank you all...

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    while you can make it work, it would take other equipment..

    the unit does not accept a vga, dvi, or hdmi signal, and also does not have a touchscreen..

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    Wait, It is touch screen. Its says there. I wanted to know if i could plug it to pc and make it work. I dont know maybe with converters.

    Thank you.

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    the touchscreen needs to have a com port(DB-9) connection, or usb connection for the touchscreen to interface with the computer.

    if it doesn't have that, you 'could' hack a computer touch screen into it-- but this could prove to cost more time and money then a computer-specific alternative..

    if you do decide to get this, keep in mind that you will need a vga-to-composite converter-- that will also add to the cost of the screen..

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    You know...
    There is a FAQ all about this....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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