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Thread: VGA/DVI or HDMI?

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    as has already been stated, i agree.

    in a mobile environment, i think that dvi has more advantages then hdmi, but that is partially personal preferance(i have grown to hate hdmi-- every time i use it, i am trying to make 2-3 devices play nice, and they rarely do..)

    dvi has the set-screw connections(or whatever you call it), so it will fare better with the vibrations in a car(i have seen some variations of hdmi with set-screws, but i don't think they are prevalent enough to consistently recommend), also it does not support audio, so it is one less thing you need to mess with to get everything working(i don't think i know of any carpc's that use the lcd-display speaker for audio)

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    Yeah, this screen does not have a DVI port, it is a HDMI-->DVI. Now, is it truly DVI, I am not sure
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    Its not truly DVI, the back of the screen has a female HDMI port. The sources for HDMI and DVI on the unit are shared (setting the screen to DVI or HDMI will display the same thing regardless of which cable you use). The HDMI connection is VERY tight though. You definitely dont have to worry about it coming loose over time. I've nicked up my hands quite a few times trying to pull the darn plug out in small spaces. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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