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Thread: Interface RGBs?

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    Interface RGBs?

    Hello, I come from Spain!
    Well, I am a member of the forum and and the truth is that I found very handy very, very good in this site and would like to help as much as possible and also help ... hehehe
    I am owner of a Citroen C4 Coupe VTR + Plus, 1.6 HDI 92Cv, you have a lot of stuff done jejejejeje.
    Here I leave a thread about my car # 423337

    Well, the question is: what took CarPC connected to the standard browser display of my car, we adapted a touch panel and you attacked by a composite video input and do not see anything good ... It has a resolution of 480x234. I have in mind taking the signal and convert RGBs CVBS in order to attack an LCD with VGA resolution (640x480) and VGA input connect the CarPC.
    Do you know of any interface to convert the signal browser RGBs CVBs composite video?
    I would appreciate any help
    Well, greetings to all!

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