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Thread: cheap, raw lcd touchscreen... usable?

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    cheap, raw lcd touchscreen... usable?

    hey this is my first post, but i've been meaning to turn my old build into a carputer for awhile now..

    biostar a880g+ microatx mobo
    sempron 140
    2gigs ddr3
    m4 atx psu

    just need an lcd and dont have much to spend hence the question.

    will i be able to use it? and if so what will i need to connect it to the mobo's dvi/vga/hdmi? what do the ribbon cables connect to? THANKS

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    being that you are asking what it would need to work, i say that it is not worth it..

    every lcd display needs a controller board-- this is what deciphers the incoming signal, and sends onto the screen to display. depending on how 'raw' the display is, you might also need a power supply, a backlight, and a touchscreen controller..

    some very rough estimates(didn't search)

    i seem to remember coming across touch screen controllers for something like $5 on ebay..

    though the rest of the parts could be tough to come by-- i estimate that a controller board would cost around $25-100.. this is dependent on finding one that can work with that model screen and has the correct inputs you need-- i have zero experience with this, so no idea...

    if the display needs a backlight, i would estimate another $25-100 for that..

    so using minimum estimates, (5+25+25+16), your up to $71, this doesn't include any special equipment,or account for expensive, hard-to-find parts..

    in the mp3 car store, the lilliput 701 retails for $160, and even has a warranty...

    on ebay, i have heard stories of complete screens for around $50, my search shows many around $140 w/ free shipping..( also has a model for $140)..

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    thank you very much! good info, looks like i will have to do some saving


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