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Thread: What controller for the fujitsu lcd panel?!?!?!?

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    What controller for the fujitsu lcd panel?!?!?!?

    Hey everyone, i have a fujitsu13.3inch lcd, part #(ca51001-0211 or na19019-c201....shows 2 so dont know which one is the right one) well i want to know what lcd controller i would need to be able to make this screen work...anyone ?

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    You have a few very closely related threads here.. please don't do this sort of thing. You've already started a thread concerning how to hook up this screen, and you've mentioned the numbers, and asked if a particular controller would work.

    If you provided people with data sheets on your screens you might get a better response. Nobody here has a database on "what screens get what controllers."

    FYI, I've had a helluva time finding information about a fujitsu screen i have. In fact.. I still haven't gotten any info.
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