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Thread: Lilliput 629 LED, Blacks out for a second when braking?

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    @ Danny - car to answer the relay portion?

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    I also have this problem. Anyone know how a diode could cure the problem?

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    just reposting the 2 possible solutions for others to locate from dodgecharger's other thread:

    1. reverse camera issue:

    the easiest solutions are these:

    1a. a relay-- this would prevent small voltages from tripping the relay, which would prevent the screen from switching. shifting between gears could still cause it to switch though-- as you usually need to cycle past reverse to get to drive(if you drive a stick, then ignore this)..

    1b. a delay, like the 528t pulse timer might be the best option-- assuming that it is only a small voltage that passes through the reverse wire(small enough to not trigger a relay). setting the timer for about a 1 second delay would prevent gearshifts from triggering the switch, while still working correctly when you stay in reverse. this would add 1second to the amount of time it would take to see the reverse image though..

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