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Thread: Mobile Authority m50 pinout

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    Mobile Authority m50 pinout

    Mobile Authority m50 model MO-050NN-01 S/N A20030082 pinout:

    open it up and there should be a 10 pin connector that the ps2 cord connects to.
    starting from the left

    |1 video| 2 ?|3 video ground|4 12v|5 ground|6? |7-10 unused

    pin 4 is 12v even though it is black.

    the video/power/baclkight inverter board says 42-01-0500100 and 93020550109if you have another lcd with this board chances are the pinout will work for you too.

    I got this video lcd screen off of ebay. its got a wire with what looks like a male ps2 plug at the back. I looked and looked and couldn't find the pinouts anywhere so I ended up giving it to my dad and he looked at it and figured it out. i have it up and running now with no problems. so i thought i should share the pinout just incase anyone else needs it.

    also I am working on a carputer but this lcd is going to be used in a portable genesis project.

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    Item Same as above

    The connections to the screen are 1.Video 2.Audio* 3.Video Ground 4.12v DC 5.Ground 6.Audio ground* 7-10. unused

    * - Only if your unit has a speaker attached to the back inside


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