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Thread: Lilliput 669GL-70NP Extending HDMI Cable

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    90 works for me (installing it now)

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    Which adapter you need depends on where you buy it from. Some stores call it a 90 others a 270. When I order them I have to get a 270 from our supplier. You want one that looks like this no matter what its called
    We also have 5m HDMI to HDMI cables that are made to work with all versions of the 669GL and the 869GL. The touch is built in to the cable (via USB) just like the shorter stock cable. You can find them here

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    argh, what a PITA. Tried to open up my HDMI housing an there's no way I can pull it all apart. my HDMI cables uses epoxy to hold the wires together in the connector, and the wires are sooo tiny.

    You sir have much better eyes and hands than I!

    no other solution though huh? can someone depin the female to female HDMI adapter we need to use? That combo cable is too bulky for my application.

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    hi all!

    i had the same problem with my FA1011 : combined HDMI + USB cable. video part works well with a 3m HDMI cable + coupler + 1.5m original cable, but there is no touch controller with this configuration. after some measurement, i found the cause of the problem: data wires of USB goes on DDC/CEC GND 17 and TMDS D0 Shield 8. on a normal cable, they are grounded to shielding of the cable > when You connect the long cable with coupler, Your data lines will be grounded too

    cut the plastic on both side of long cable and rewire it: disconnect the cable on both side from CEC Control 13 and reserved line 14, then connect them to pin 17 and 8. they are not required during operation of lilliput and now the touchscreen works well with extended long cable!

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