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Thread: Connecting my G121X1-L03 to LVDS cable problem!!!!

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    Connecting my G121X1-L03 to LVDS cable problem!!!!

    Hi,Let me apologize in advance if this is a very simple / trivial question, I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of technology.

    I am trying to connect a TFT LCD monitor to a computer board.
    The monitor model is G121X1-L03 and it has two connectors:
    the first is a Screen PIN header FISEB-20P-HFE with 20 PINS and the second is a LED-Backlight connector 91209-01011 with 10 PINS.
    And we wish to connect it into a LVDS Cable with 30 PIN we have in a Intel 945GSE chipsets.
    What kind of cables do i need to purchase? from where?
    In addition, do we need to buy separate PIN headers for any of that?

    I'll appreciate it if you can send me the right model identification code (and suggestion for any kind of other connectors / tools we might need)

    Thank you

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