I have an LCD build on innolux matrix innolux AT080TN03 ( http://www.pronics.com.cn/spec/innol...TN03%20V.1.pdf ) with innolux controller ( looks very similar to http://www.solocarputer.com/phpbb2/d...d.php?id=11975 but slightly different in firmware )

How can i make it power on automaticcaly after connecting to power supply?

Now it goes to standby mode on AC restoration and can be turned on by button or remote, but I want it to be on right after AC restoration without touching any buttons.

I use M2-ITX power supply modification (M2-ITX). Motherboard is powered on by signal on its J4 connector. Connecting J9 connector to LCD power button doesnot help, 'cause J9 not only makes circuit short, but also has potential about 3V.

Lilliput programming mode does not work for this LCD as remote has no buttons with digits and controller's firmware is distinctivly different