And it's SWEET!!

First off, MAD PROPS to Dave of for shipping me this so quickly!! It got here in 1 day! (Granted we're both in NorCal but still - Go FedEX!)

Next, the packaging is very professional and gave me the warm & fuzzies just opening it!!

The instructions are AWESOME! They are very easy to understand and very thorough! I have WinXP which he uses as an example, and it is WORD FOR WORD - NO problems, NO glitches, it just plain and simple WORKED!

The Screen itself is bad ***.. Very high resolution! Very crystal clear! Very nice setup all together!

The wiring is awesome, too! One cable for the whole monitor + 1 power! That's it! The cable splits out into 3 RCA (1 Audio in, 2 Video in), 1 VGA, and 1 Serial (for Touchscreen).

The touchscreen is pretty slick.. Comes with 4-point calibration AND 25-point calibration!!! Talk about quality! The software for the touchscreen is really easy-to-use, too!

The kit also included the stand with double-sided tape, although my plans don't call for a stand...

The only gripe I have is that the VGA cable is kinda flaky. If you move it around, the screen turns different RGB colors on you - kinda annoying, but Dave included this handy clip which helps to secure the cable in place - very nice touch, Dave!!

In summary, thanks again to DSCustoms..

More to come in the next couple weeks as my LCD becomes integrated into my car...

To all who are interested, get 'em while they're hot!!

A satisfied customer of,