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Thread: Is transflective worth the extra??

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    Yeah that works for some cars, but none of mine have an overhead console and on one of them, the roof actually comes off. Plus, I want the carputers to replace my oem stereos.

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    Not sure where you are in the process, but my 2 cents are get the transflective. I started out with the standard $180 lilliput touch screen and couldn't see squat in the day time.

    I bought the transflective, optically bonded lilly from mo co so and it makes all the difference. I know it's expensive but don't build a nice system and not use it during the day.

    Just MHO

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    Well the lilliputs were probably not going to fit - too thick - so for now gone for the Mini Touch 700 from mo-co-so. If it fits, and I find I need transflective later, then they're doing a transflective version at a later date so I'll get one of those.

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    Hi guys. Newbie here. Just found this forum today. Great information in this thread and others.

    I'm starting a sightseeing tour company here in Los Angeles and have a convertible van and I am in need of a good transflective & optically bonded monitor since this will be used entirely outdoors, but all I am seeing out there is the 7" with these features and I think this is probably too small. I need it in widescreen as well. Does anyone make one bigger than 7" with transflective and bonding? I found this 8" one in the UK but it doesn't mention optical bonding. Does anyone have this monitor? I'm assuming from reading around here that I'm going to need both.

    Any suggestions??

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