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Thread: Using your PSP as a carputer screen!

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    Lightbulb Using your PSP as a carputer screen!

    First im new here so don't get too ****ed of if im posting this in the wrong sub-forum

    I'm starting a project to add a laptop to my car and I wanted a screen that would fit somewhere on the dash (4-7") and started to search for some LCD screens, just to realize that they are way to much for my budget but then I started thinking about that old trusty PSP I got laying around

    Not sure if some1 has done this before here on and thats actually what im wondering...

    I can write a guide for anyone if they want to know how to use a PSP (Playstation Portable) as either a secondary miniscreen or why not their main display, but if there is already a guide for that then I'll just be quiet

    Just to add, my setup makes it possible to control the PC with the psp, so you don't really need a mouse or a keyboard, everything is in your dash or wherever you put the psp...

    There has to be still some people that have an old psp laying around the house and it doesn't even take any disassembly to make this work!

    Check out the pics, in the first one I got it on full screen mode, and the second one is follow mouse

    Here's the guide!

    First, you need a PC with XP/Vista/7 with a decent CPU
    a PSP that is capable of running "homebrew", I think its possible with any psp these days by using the signed HBL loader, a Homebrew enabler as TN-HEN or the old fashion Custom Firmware as 5.00m33 or 5.50GEN-D3... (google or ask me how to make your psp capable of homebrew if you don't know how to do it)
    Then there is the software part, as most of this relies on software an minimal hardware requirement

    PSPDisp 0.6
    this is what will be sending the video stream to the psp
    which means that you will have to install one app on your pc that sends the picture and run one app on the psp that receives the pic.

    Here are some link to pspdisp (all credits go to JJS for this great app)

    Step 1:
    Install PSPdisp with the "setup for all platforms", it should install everything you need from drivers to the app on the psp

    Step 2:
    After the install is completed, start by checking that the psp is able to run the PSPdisp app thats on the psp (if you have problems with this, just PM me... I know way too much about the stupid PSP anyway ) also restart your PC just in case

    Step 3:
    The PSPdisp icon should be in the taskbar now, and it is automatically set to start on boot, right click on it and make sure its enabled. Then hook your PSP up to the pc via usb, start the pspdisp app on the psp and choose start USB mode, now you should see your desktop on the psp screen

    Some info:
    There are ALOT of setting for you to play around with in the PC pspdisp app, you can enable controls from the psp to the pc, change the screen size/mode (I use screen mode follow mouse 2, as it makes controlling the pc with the psp very easy)

    oh and if you guys don't get this running then just ask here or PM, will be happy to help!

    hope i didn't forget anything now good luck

    btw. yes the pics are ****ty, the psp screen is much better quality only full screen is a little blurry, but clear enough for movies and so on

    also did some research on the requirement of the psp, ANY psp will work, doesn't even have to be hackable if you use a signed version of the pspdisp (search google for "signed pspdisp")

    that mean that no illegal mod, no warranty void by installing custom firmware, no possible way of breaking your psp!!
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    Absolutely - can you do a writeup in the Wiki? It looks like you're using Windows 7?
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    WOW! Please do write about how you've accomplished this. Is the screen blurry or just bad photograph?

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    Yes, a detailed guide would be cool.

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    Please post the instructions on how to do this

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    Very interesting. Do tell!

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    For the impatient ones like me, there are a few videos on YouTube showing this in action along with install steps. Search for "Win7 on PSP"

    It didn't look like a plain-jane remote administration (like VNC) client running on PSP since it needed its own user account setup on the host computer. But again some remote administration tools do follow such setups.

    Technically, I would still like to understand how it is achieved. Can it play videos smoothly?
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    Yea plz do write up. I'm always interested in different things.

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    you've got my attention..

    also,is there a easy way to use the psp as a secondary screen?

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    If it's anything like I think it is, it uses a homebrew program to act like an external monitor does. This requires a certain psp/mobo combo and custom firmware, or a certain game save exploit and other homebrew... Can this even be talked about here !?!? If it can be, I can list the programs and what I know. If there's another way, OP I'd be interested in knowing.

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