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Thread: Replace oem nav screen with aftermarket?

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    Replace oem nav screen with aftermarket?

    Hey guys.
    First, my apologies if this has been asked a million times. I tried my best to find the answer to this question via search but haven't stumbled across the post, if it does exist.

    The question of the day is: Does anyone know of a way of replacing the oem nav screen with an aftermarket screen?

    Specifically, I have an '07 Nissan 350z with factory nav, that I would like to continue using, but rather than trying to get an aux input to the sub-par factory screen, I'd like to replace the screen with a higher quality unit with additional inputs/features.

    Has anyone heard or seen of any possible ways to do what I'm suggesting?

    Thanks in advance!

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    i don't believe it is realistically possible. feasible, yes, but just not realistic. you would basically need to determine how the car talks to the screen, and build a custom controller to interpret that info into a form the new screen understands..

    i can never remember which cars they are compatible with, and with the way your post is worded, i assume you've already run across them, but there are some a/v converters to allow you to get a auxiliary composite input to the factory screen-- this might be a easier, albeit, less desirable, but it would get some sort of video to display..

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