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Thread: Liliput blank after mode switch

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    Liliput blank after mode switch

    I have had the same Liliput transreflective since my original install. I recently upgraded my computer and now the liliput is giving me problems. The problem comes when I switch modes on the liliput due to backing up (reverse). When I backup I have a switcher that switches the liliput to use the backup camera source and then it switches back when I exit reverse. The mode switcher is working fine, the liliput does switch modes but the screen only comes back (non blank) 30-40% of the time. Its very frustrating. If I leave it blank the screen will slowly fill with a pale white color. Sometimes when I do this I can get it to refresh by pushing a skin button on the touchscreen (I canít see it but I know where the back button is on my skin) but that does not always work. Any ideas?

    I have switched the color scheme to classic and away from Aero.

    Things that are different from the old computer.
    I was using 740X480 and on this new computer I use 800X480(native)
    I was using XP and now I am on Windows 7.
    Of course, different graphics card, old was S3 based and this is NVidia ION based.
    All else is the same, same skin, same front end (RR), etc.

    Please give me anything I might try. Thanks in advance.

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    Once I got the screen using 72 hz refresh rate then the blanking stopped.

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    What are you using to switch your from VGA to AV and back. I have been looking for a solution.

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