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Okay. I don't want to make it sound that this particular model is bad. I do believe I received a defective unit. My real problem is that a) it was already mounted, and removal will leave marks on the bezel so it makes exchange a hard thing to do. b) shipping from Canada to US will drive up my final cost.

Now to be fair, Carl offered exchange/refund until I mentioned the bezel. So he has been gracious enough to offer me $60 credit which I will use for my next purchase. This seems fair enough to me. I do recommend dealing with short-circuit as Carl has been more than supportive and responds quite quickly to emails.

And if I am fortunate to find someone close that can look and find a modest fix, so much the better (but I don't hold big faith in that).

Just one of those things.

Oh, so you didnt leave yours so it removable? Thats one thing I like about these screens. Just embed the headrest into what ever item and the screen can be removed in and out. The rear screens I plan to leave as it, but the front I want the sleeves to be part of the bezel, but still allow be to remove the screens. I notice other people love to make their screens a part of the bezel, but I have always been into making the screen look more like a headunit. Looks more OEM to me. Its just too bad I think this new install idea I have is going to kill that idea.