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Thread: Auto brightness with PIC (PWM) and LDR for Lilliput 701 LED Backlit

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    Just FYI - April's Silicon Chip (Australia) has the first article on a 32-bit PIC with its own Basic interpreter. It is to be sold as a pre-assembled bard or kit for AUD$79 by Altronics.
    It has an SD card slot, USB and other interfaces.
    I don't have all the details (it was a library copy), but I should be able to update if anyone is interested.
    I wonder if that will do my self-learning EMS (EFI & ignition) albeit without the voice control and notifications...?

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    Hmmm... interesting. Kinda expensive but neat. Anything online about it or just in the magazine?

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    It starts in March with part 2 in April, part 3 in next month's.

    Online I'd expect you'd have to pay. But the "Maximite User Manual" is apparently downloadable from User Manual V2.2.pdf else and errata, notes, new firmware from

    I thought it was reasonable competitive to other kits I have seen.
    It's also ~twice the price of the Arduino (for twice the bits?), but it is still a PIC - not a CPU. (Not that one is better than the other - that is very function dependent. But CPU is probably more flexible for general experimentation - especially program/memory space. But gotta love the PIC security for production!)
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