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Thread: Proximus P16-40922 Mini 7" USB Touch Screen Monitor

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    It's the same thing...

    The Mimo pivot is the same item. Look at them, compare. This is just another private label from China selling the same item for less money. Too bad they won't have them back in stock 'til May.

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    So what do you think of this for a CarPc vs you lilliput on a scale of 1-10? I mean is it worth the extra 70-150 to get a lilliput?
    1994 Mustang GT Punch 240.4 2 12" Kicker Comp SOLD :(

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    Car PC

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    as a secondary screen, for allowing the kids to watch movies, it's fine. the screen feels cheaper, and the touch overlay is a little glossier, so that, with the standard usb negatives, i would rate it at about 6. not amazing, but they would work fine..

    as a primary screen, any usb screen in my book rates as a -10--no matter the quality. the fact that you can't see anything until after the OS loads is a huge drawback.

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    Im using the Lilliput UM-70/C USB Monitor in my Eclipse to display my gauges and other vehicle specific information and I absolutely love it, plug and play!!! If your monitor is anything like this one, i would say good investment!

    $84 Dollars on Amazon!!!

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    Well, I picked one of these up today via eBay. They are actually going for $86.85 shipped on this auction. Even though the price reflects that of the non touch monitor the model number is for the touch version. I verified with both tigerdirect and the seller(which is tiger direct but sold out of specific store location.) that this indeed the touch version.

    I have 20% tint and I'm hoping this screen will bright enough for what I need it for. Not sure what to expect and may end up as a paper weight. Time will tell.

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    I picked up 2 of these but not sure I am going to use them, might go VGA. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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