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Thread: One din motorized lcd chassis/assembly

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    One din motorized lcd chassis/assembly

    Hello people

    I'm new to the forum and require a little help.

    I'm in need of a list suppliers (for mass manufacturing purposes) of ONE DIN MOTORIZED LCD CHASSIS ASSEMBLIES into which a 7 inch screen of my own choice can be placed. I've been having a good look around the internet but haven't been able to find anything. My next step after stopping here is to call the big brands and see if they can shed some light on their sources.

    I'm after the physical assembly and accompanying motor control board and will be developing my own case or perhaps modifying the existing casing on a stock assembly.

    I'll be marrying the LCD with a dual-core mcu and proprietary software (OS and apps) supporting touch, GPS mapping and navigation, OBD reporting, bluetooth, voice recognition, TV, Radio, USB (no CD/DVD), WIFI, 3G, internet, wireless gamepad and wireless keyboard/trackpad.

    This is a commercial project in the development stages. I currently have the different bits working connected via LVDS->VGA->RCA to a generic 7 inch LCD but need to start working out how i'm going to enclose it all for practical use and branding.

    I know many companies with motorized LCDs on the markets are not doing their own electronics and mechanics for the motor control, gearing, screen holding, etc so someone or some people are selling them these bits.

    I have an OEM supplier that can get me a basic motorized LCD for around $30 volume discount. The work however to take it apart and modify it electronically and aesthetically might make sense for one or two units but for the numbers and quality I'm aiming for it's not plausible.

    So, any help or tips no matter how small will be very much appreciated.



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    i will try to keep my points divided, as i tend to ramble..

    1. motorized screens are very typically unreliable. to date, all of the single din motorized screens that take a vga input(short of the revo-sys unit because no-one has posted a test of it) have, or used to have serious problems operating reliably. the lilliputs are known for stripping the plastic gears that lift the screen and the zenarcs are known for the control cable going between the screen and the control board to break from screen movement.

    i realize it is not your intention to copy, or use either of these designs, this is a warning that many motorized screens do not work as intended..

    2. in following with point #1, most 7" vga screens are over 0.5" deep. and because the electronics in them were never meant deal with motion, i fear that if you separate the main-board from the screen--to get screen as slim as possible to fit everything in a motorized chassis, you would end up having a similar issue as the problem with the zenarcs-- creating a service nightmare for yourself..

    3. i have never seen any company offering a motorized chassis only for a single din screens.. though i imagine that you would need to pay attention to the weight tolerances of the design, otherwise, you would have the same problem as the lilliputs have-- stripping gears..

    i do remember one member modified a used motorized screen chassis to hold a vga screen, but don't remember the forum name.. but you already said a option like this is out of the question..

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    Back to the drawing board...

    First, asking companies and individuals to divulge what may be, and is likely, sensitive production details concerning their motorized chassis may be difficult. I wish you good luck, but often these entities are unlikely to divulge such pertinent supplier details for competitive reasons.

    If you are searching a supplier for the volumes you discuss, I can only recommend attending a major trade show and visiting the literally 100s of suppliers who will wheel and deal with you right there at the show. If you bring a prototype or design, yu can sit down and sign a big contact if you have the creds. I would head for the COMPUTEX show in Taipei which is between May 31-June 4. You still have time to pre-register and will have the benefit of the most suppliers present. Plus a business expense for the trip as a nice write off. You just missed ceBIT in Germany and the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here is not until January 2012.

    At some point I recall a non-motorized single din chassis that could accommodate a LCD. This is essentially what my motorized LCD has become, with the addition of few strips of Velcro, after the plastic gears stripped. If you either an manual opening LCD or an automatic opening mechanism entirely of aluminum with a steel gear train, it may work, but this would dramatically increase production costs. And to optimize the production costs, expect some engineering costs...

    Good luck, when its finished I may be interested. I'm always looking for ways to further integrate my installation.

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    these comments are valuable food for thought gentlemen. i really appreciate it.

    i'm currently waiting on replies from the engineering departments of two of the bigger brands in the space (with baited breath) but a chance find in Taiwan was a OEM provider of motorized LCDs offering "customization". I'm preparing an overview of my needs for their attention to see if they can accommodate me.

    soundman98's critical points about the opening mechanism and cabling atrophy will definitely lead to another look at the gearing material and the unit's ability to withstand the pressure of constant touching.

    Thefdog's COMPUTEX suggestion may well prove to be the gem that makes the ultimate difference - will definitely see what I can do about this one.

    Personally, I was happy to go with the manual setup where by a spring-loaded button releases the LCD some extent with the user completing the opening but I was over ruled. I may have to re-defend my case. hmm

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    Anymore tips or suggestions folks?

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