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Thread: "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

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    definitely, I am aiming for a clean flipout screen that I'll be intergrating with my android unit(whenever it ships)

    The gutting of that flipout unit is for the premade structure. If they simply added say, ribbon connections, I could easily acquire ribbons for the extension.

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    Chevy did this in the new Malibu:

    Name:  2013-chevrolet-malibu_100346859_m.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by slownumb View Post
    Derrick, maybe i am going to far asking this but how easy do you think it is going to be to change the LED behind these buttons?
    cause now i want them to look the same way my internal lights does (light blue) and i would be either changing the leds to colored ones or applying colored film (like people does to mod their backlit keyboards).

    do you think either one is an option?
    I've already suggested to use color changing LED's so that you can configure it to your needs via dip-switches or jumpers.

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    I'm concerned about the brightness of this screen.

    I see elsewhere in this thread it is a 260 nit display. IMO that's way too dim for use in a car with sun hitting the screen.

    Really for this to be the "ultimate car PC" display, it needs a 600 - 700 nit brightness with a button to cycle through a variable backlight level to make it suitable for night use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Also, here is the button logo, any thought? after confirm this. we will submit for molding this weekend

    Attachment 65685

    Button logos - triangle, X I realize these are generic and can be programmed for anything but for use within a frontend it would be nice if they were left arrow, right arrow (or maybe up arrow, down arrow)

    There probably isn't a good answer without being able to insert your own symbols, wait a minute...

    The aux and USB ports a pretty close together to be able to use both at the same time.
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    I think I'd prefer just a dot or something rather then any sort of symbol on non dedicated buttons. I don't like the playstation icons at all lol.

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    Looks very good Derrick!

    Looking forward to the photos of the same working with capacitive touchscreen. When do you think we would be able to order these units? And how many types/variants are planned?

    Do you have the final dimensions now? For some reason, (may be the photography angle), I still get a feel that the bottom-rear lip is a bit too long to fit some vehicles.

    Also did you try plugging an Aux Cable? Looks a bit too close to the edge and the aux cable shell might interfere with the vehicle console edges.

    BTW, any plans to sell them without the LCD Panel for customers who already has the resistive touch screen panels?
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    Looking great!
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    yes, lets get those ready

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