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Thread: "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92x View Post
    Thanks a lot Derrick!

    I finally finished my carPC setup and its awesome. Screen quality is much better than in the video and for some reason glare pops up on the video but is very clear and readable in the day. Using my laptop, i built a car PC for $300. Only mod i did was use body filler and lots of sand paper to make my double din hole smaller to fit the touchscreen. I have no previous experience and it was not hard at all.

    Heres some videos and pictures

    Awesome small keyboard! Fits right into the glovebox. Has a left&right click as well as a trackball mouse. Works like a charm, passengers love it, it's a lot more comfortable than using laptop in a car.

    Thanks for sharing. You are awesome man! Looks like OEM!

    It is glad that I can help

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    We should have a double din case come out together, which you can mount your computer in it
    That's great to hear, thanks a lot!
    My Project: All-in-one Double Din Unit

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    Is the silver look on that last picture just a glare issue? The bezel will be black correct?

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    can you tell me how flush this will be when it is installed in the car. also can the frame be purchased separately or is it just one piece, kinda debating on how i would like to set it up.

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    Derrick, I must say it has been fun watching this project throughout the development phase and I am excited to see the final product. Thank you for keeping us updated and in the loop by sharing all the details throughout the project development.

    Question, will the bottom portion of the bezel that has the writing on it "800x480 WVGA....." be visible when utilizing a standard double din kit or will this sit below the opening in said kit and therefore not visible when fully installed?

    Lastly, do you guys have a ROUGH estimate as to how much this will cost, either with capacitive or resistive?

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