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Thread: "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Carver View Post
    Are you guys still selling the original case for the screens? I think it was version one. I bought one about 6 months ago and I'm going to be getting another one soon and I want to make sure the cases/surrounds match cause I'll be using them for head rest monitors.
    you mean the previous plastic case? yes, we still have it available because camera user still need it

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalVampire View Post
    The 2 DIN case is coming along nicely!!!

    I have a couple of HTPCs at home and I see very little value in adding a small screen to the HTPC case.
    During video playback, I prefer not to have any bright light source other than the main screen in my view path. I've even masked the HDD and power LED's of my HTPCs to avoid visual distraction.
    However one advantage which I can think of is during music playback wherein you can select songs through the small screen instead of switching on the big LCD screen/projector. Any other uses?

    BTW.. I don't see an IR remote sensor provision on the HTPC case mock-up. Or are you planning to incorporate RF/WiFi Remote?

    On the HW/SW configuration front, please ensure that you support HD Audio Bitstreaming (via HDMI) and a Gigabit LAN port at the bare minimum. USB3 and eSATA ports would be nice to have.
    Thanks for your ideas

    You are right, we will have a function to turn off the screen when playing. a extra screen can run some program or setup, without interrupt the movie or turn on the big TV screen.

    Some HTPCs are use for music playback, which connect to the receiver. In this case, a small screen will be much easier.

    IR will be add. We are only selling the case with screen, so you can pick your own motherboard and CPUs etc.

    any other thought?

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    Do you have any more pics of the double DIN unit? I would specifically like to see the back and inside of the case.

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    any idea price on the htpc?

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    the 2 DIN case looks very nice! Will there be a version without the screen for people (like me ) who didn't know you were developing such a nice case and ordered the screen and controller board only? Will there be enough space for the "old" controller board? Also could you please post some pictures of the interior of the case to see what can be stuffed into there? Can you already say anything about the price?

    Thank you!
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    Has anyone purchased one of these and lives in Canada? Want to know if you were charged brokerage or any duties.

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    Can someone tell me exactly what kind of connector I can buy online or from Radio Shack to connect the backup camera wire to this thing? I read/searched a lot of this thread and couldnt find a specific link. And how can I give 12v to the connection in the house to simulate the backup camera wire in the car?

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