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Thread: "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalVampire View Post
    Hello Derrick,

    Could you please post detailed external and internal dimensions of the bezel and full enclosure? A bit concerned since many people are facing mounting issues.
    Also need to know how much raised is the motherboard standoff from the 2DIN base since my motherboard (Kontron 886) has a CF slot at the bottom which interferes with generic cases like VoomPC.
    Here is the photos for the dims. I don`t have the detail about raise from motherboard stand, it should use standard screws

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    Quote Originally Posted by rray View Post
    Did anyone figure out how to program their left panel buttons yet?
    All I can do is change their color, and when I do it, selecting blue makes the buttons glow green, green turns them red, and red turned them gray, and white turns them off.

    I tried configuring the bottom buttons for volume up and down, but nothing happens when I press them except the light burns brighter for a few seconds. I was wondering if I need to do anything special like put any of the files in a system directory or something?
    Please try the following new driver. it should solve your problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by rray View Post
    A couple of us got the left panel buttons from Derrick, by emailing him directly with inquery.

    I loaded the USB driver for the buttons, but cannot figure out how to program them, only how to change the color.


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    The previous driver has some bugs. Please try this new driver also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niek View Post
    Finally gor to read all 145 pages, and I must say it is an awesome project and the project is just what I was looking for.
    Although im not sure what computer (Raspberry pi, ODROID-X2,..) I will be using, I know what case and screen Ill be using

    I would like to order a HDMI full kit soon, but will it include the button side board?
    Thanks for your interest

    The kit is not including the left side button board. it cost $15 extra and should be available in one or two weeks. you can order the kit now, and once the button board become available, we will send you a notice, just pay $15 and shipping is on us

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    Quote Originally Posted by std.cout View Post
    Hello everyone, Raspberry Pi user reporting in. I found this forum and thread while I was waiting for delivery from Derrick. Today I got the parcel, connected the screen to the controller board and managed to hook my raspi to it through HDMI input.

    In case there are any raspi users, my settings (/boot/config.txt) are as following:

    Hi, looks like the screen get damage during transportation. please contact us by email and we will arrange a replacement for you

    PS: the backlight chips getting hot is normal. it is design like that.

    The screen works okay, touch works as well (Linux recognizes it as a standard mouse, though I think it needs to be calibrated a bit). I couldn't manage to make raspi to switch to 800x480 resolution. Playing with framebuffer sizes and overscan values got me nowhere. Apparently raspi's firmware doesn't support this resolution, but I heard they will include support of arbitrary resolutions in near future. The best I could get is 848x480 shrunk into 800x480, so horizontally pixels are not aligned and appear blurred. I drew a test picture with 1px thin horizontal and vertical lines to see how it appears on the screen. As you can see, the horizontal lines (top middle and bottom left squares) are clearly visible while vertical lines and dot grids are blurred.

    Now I have a little problem. After approximately 5 minutes of work an 1px thin red line appears at the very bottom of the screen and black interlace lines start to rise from the bottom. These lines appear only on color pixels, black and white rectangles are unaffected. The interlace gets as high as 80-90 px from the bottom. These effects don't appear instantly but rather slowly grow withing several minutes.

    I though the problem was the signal from raspi, but then I switched to AV channel with no signal (with blue screen option on) - both red line and interlace appeared on the blue screen. When I let the screen cool for a couple of minutes (with controller board running) and then turn it on, the effects disappear. Anyone else has this problem? Also I would much appreciate advices as how to get native resolution on raspi.

    Update: Apparently the lower part of the screen where these effects appear gets very hot. Maybe the problem is in my power source? I'm using 12 V 2 amps adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rray View Post
    I discovered why I cannot program the Left Panel HID buttons, it appears they are incorrectly mapped to different functions. I discovered when I program Mute it stores Play/Pause and when I program Volume Up, it opens Media Player. Programing blue buttons gets green, program green and get no LED at all, program red and get purple, then program white and you get red.

    Derrick, can we get an updated version of the USB_HID.rar utility with correctly mapped buttons?

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, do have an update version. here is the link:

    any problem, let me know

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    3, you quoted my post but your reply disappeared. What's about overheating problem?

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