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Thread: "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

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    will you make mounting bezel for this screen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    after sending a request to the manufacture this morning, following up about the schedule. Base on what they said. Now the hardware is 99% done (they never said 100% until the board is ready to go, lol), but they found same flaws in software, so it may still delay a little bit.

    The sample board should be come to us in next couple days. If it pass all the tests, we should be able to get volume shipment very soon. Also, we are trying to add the reverse camera function to fulfill the requirement from you guys. Again, sorry for waiting, but we really hope to make this board as perfect as we can

    by the way, tft_lcd_org is right. the LVDS board we sold before is just a convert adapter. This LCD can not support LVDS directly.

    Best wishes to everybody!
    Can't wait - I'm done with this lilliput and this sounds very promising (especially with switching rear camera and the new hardware)

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    New boards finally come out. Bezel is on its way, but not estimate date :)

    Here is couple photos about the new board and the bezel which will come out later, just done the design. The new board is all in one. integrated touch screen model and directly support 1920* 1080 input.

    After we run some beta test, we found the software was adjusted base on DVD and Digital SLR. When we use HDMI and connect to computer, the image has some cut off...VGA is fine. So we still work on the software again. but it should be quick

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    1 more request please.
    If it's possible to make the Flat Flex Cables that goes from the screen and touch panel to the board as long as you can, or maybe an extension board would be awsome!
    That way we can replace the screen for example, in motorized or mechanical folding 1-DIN HU's.

    And if there will be an option to assign a good quality multi-touch projected capacitive touch panel to the kit it would be the best!!


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    I think i might try these. My window tint is pretty dark so i dont think the sun will effect it to bad,

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    Nice work.

    Add me to the list of those wanting a longer flat ribbon cable.

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    wow, that board is tiny! looking amazing.
    the extended ribbon is a nice option, but i highly doubt it could be done at this stage.

    will capacitive touch be possible in the near future? (i have not been following this thread closely)

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    Bummer, I was hoping to have a non integraded touch solution so that I could buy one of these:

    and have capacitive touch. Also I would love an extended ribbon cable option as well please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by z8man View Post
    Bummer, I was hoping to have a non integraded touch solution so that I could buy one of these:

    and have capacitive touch. Also I would love an extended ribbon cable option as well please.

    Once the new board is made available I will be able to provide an integration kit to go with the capacitive touch panels.
    I have the parts on hand, it is just a matter of configuring them for this cntroller instead of the Lilliput boards.

    Or, you could just use the regular USB cable that is included with the capacitive panel kit

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    How much will that set us back?
    Sounds interesting

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