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Thread: "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

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    Quote Originally Posted by z8man View Post
    Monitor is 12v. But you should run it off your power supply and not your car because of the fluctuations.

    Have you checked on sanding those cables yet and OSD disappearing TFT? Any Idea when you will be sending mine out?
    Verified the transparent menu option on my displays, they all have it.

    Did not try the sand paper thing, as I don't have any of the cables or connectors.
    (The parts are quite pricey for a test, so you can buy them on your own if you want to test them out. See above posts for DigiKey PN's)

    Your display is being held to ship in accordance to your requests. Will ship tomorrow for a Monday delivery.

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    Thanks for the update. I am just eager to get this installed.

    I just thought you had all the materials to check. I will order them myself and see.

    Just to consolidate information

    40pin .5mm :

    6pin .5mm :

    4pin .5mm (only needed with the resistive version) :

    Here is the 8" versions of the cables
    6 pin .5mm
    40pin .5mm

    I just ordered the 8" version cables and connectors since I wanted to make sure I had enough cable length
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    I have ordered mine yesterday. Derrick is cool guy. I am looking to swap the resistive touch screen with the capacitive one when I finish the project. I hate the cataract effect of resistive screens.

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    Agree, resistive panels do not offer better color performance than capacitive panel.

    I think there is some misunderstanding. What I mentioned "better color", did not mean compare to capacitive. It means the Samsung Screen itself, which is one of the best color 7" screen on the market, except those AMOLED screen. Other Taiwan made screens can`t compare at all. That is why we never use them.

    For keeping the price low, we stays with the stock resisitve panel, it lows the color a little bit, but still acceptable

    Quote Originally Posted by tft_lcd_org View Post
    Sorry, but I can't agree with this statement. The resistive touch screen dilutes colors, reduces image quality and lowers the brightness of the display.

    True, the capacitive panel is glossy, but in most applications, the added glare is not as bad as some think, and the added benefits of the cap. panel out weigh the gloss issue.

    Resistive panels do not offer better performance.

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    Don`t forget this monitor is also designed for VIDEO CAM or Camera use. sometimes in dark place, we still need to do some adjustment or switch channel

    DELL way is a very good idea. I had that monitor before and really love this OSD setting. We will consider that function in the future generation. Thanks for advice, man!

    Quote Originally Posted by KoGa View Post
    I see... but come on! It's a monitor! Why would you operate it if you don't even see it...?

    Here's a neat idea from my Dell though... It shows the functions for the buttons when the OSD is displayed. Very handy if you're in the dark and the buttons are not lit (are they?).

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    I will discuss this with our design team, but looks like the button control module need space to fit...

    yes, no powered LED in the front. It also support auto power on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Custommx3 View Post
    I'd say move them towards the middle and up from the bottom. That way it can be molded in and not effect the buttons. Also, no powered on LED would be nice.

    Does it have auto power on ? Also, keep the case square, it would be easier to mold in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoGa View Post
    How about making it VESA mountable and people could use any kind of stand they want?
    Even better put a standard 1/4" fixing hole in the bottom which could be used for fixing it on any kind of stand/camera arm, would be wonderful for photo or video guys
    definitely, this is the function we consider. will try to add VESA mount standard to this monitor

    It has a standard flash mount already which you can put on camara or video cam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilG View Post
    What about a snap in button bezel with 1' of extra wire inside so you can snap the button bezel out of the case for molding in and maybe replace with an included dummy panel that snaps back in? Then the buttons can be located upt to 1' away from the monitor.
    Kind of like the "knockouts" on the dash of a vehicle that manufactures use to add options to a vehicle like foglights, adjustable pedals etc.
    Good idea, I will also forward this advice. thanks!

    PS: now we have a wireless remote come with this monitor.

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    I know, I know, capacitive panel looks really nice, but it cost more

    How about this, we start to sell some panels without touch panel, and you guys and add capacitive yourself? In this way, we can have some spare resistive touch panel, and save you few dollars also.

    Quote Originally Posted by coucouillu View Post
    I am also agree with that and not with what you said. That's why I asked you if you sell capacitive touch screens.
    In my car, I changed my capacitive touch panel by a capacitive one (bought from tft-lcd store HERE and this is day againt night.

    If you sell high end HDMI/DVI transflective screens with capacitive touch screen (USB ans multitouh capable) less than 400USD you will be very riche...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RipplingHurst View Post
    Couldn't agree more. Capacitive is the way to go. Please offer at least as an option, or leave room around the lcd panel for people to fit capacitive panels to it.
    That is deal, we will sell the kit without resistive touch screen. so easier for you to add capacitive one

    if you need this special kit, just let us know after your purchase. We can refund you $6 for the resistive screen.

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